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The Reading Tutor Program is a 3 step program designed to teach or tutor the three Basic Reading Skills which are: sight word recognition, phonics, and reading comprehension.
Developing reading skills is the foundation for all future learning. We have to "build" good readers. Learning to read is a building process. It is much like building a house, you must first lay a very solid foundation or the house will begin to "crack" and eventually fall.

It is the same with learning to read. Each remedial reading skill is a block that ultimately produces a strong foundation in the 3 Basic Reading Skills. If the foundation skills are not mastered then "cracks" begin to appear....thus reading problems. If these cracks are not repaired, the whole learning process will crumble.

The Reading Tutor Program was designed to build a very solid foundation when used to teach the beginning reader or to find and eliminate reading problems that have already occurred.

The Reading Tutor Program was also used effectively in my lab with students who were learning English as a second language. This was accomplished by stressing vocabulary development along with the other elements of the program.

Learning to read requires a systematically designed set of steps that lead to independent reading. These steps must be followed or there will be a total breakdown in the process. This is why so many students begin to have problems. They have been taught skills in isolation with no organization to tie the skills into a systematic process. The Reading Tutor Program is a systematically designed set of steps--with complete teaching tools to teach the 3 Basic Reading Skills.

Step #1. Recognition of the Basic Sight Words The basic Sight Words are the words most commonly used in all basal readers in public schools.
These words are learned by repetition or memory. The sight words do not require the phonetic approach. These are the "see-and-say" words.

Step #2. Phonics
In the phonetic approach the student is taught the sound-symbol relationship between letters and sounds. These are called the "word-attack" skills. This approach gives the student independence in learning to "sound-out" words.

Step #3. Comprehension
Comprehension is the ability to obtain "meaning" from the printed word.
Does he understand what he is reading? Is he able to answer factual questions from the material he is reading?

There are many comprehension skills that must be taught in order for a child to obtain the most pleasure and learning from the reading process.

The Reading Tutor Program teaches how to teach the basic reading skills. It can be used by anyone reading on the fourth grade level or above. The Reading Tutor Program is not a computer game. Computers Reinforce – Teachers Teach. The Reading Tutor Program is an 81 page manual that is downloadable or available in printed form.

The Reading Tutor Program contains the following
Pre-Reading Skills * Curriculum Guides * Assessment Guides * Instruction Guides
Teaching Methods and Procedures * Reinforcement Materials * Teaching Tools and games 

Also available is the Easy to Read Sightword Stories, a 26 page manual of 8 stories to reinforce the sight word skills and get the student reading quickly. It is also downloadable or available in printed form.

Why I wrote The Reading Tutor Program
“The program is the "end product" of my years of education and trial and error procedures during my thirty years in a Title I Reading Lab. I averaged 200 students coming through my door each day! Each was deficient in the basic reading skills. My job was to reach each student--find his reading problems and eliminate them. I had to do it quickly and efficiently and teach each child on his individual level and at his rate of learning. The program was proven to be effective by the continued achievement of the students in my lab.

Special features of The Reading Tutor Program
Written by a Reading Diagnostitian * Easy to use step by step process * Proven effective
Downloadable  * Available to use within minutes *  Affordably priced.

Learning Centers are everywhere to provide remedial reading instruction
You can do the same thing in your own home - for a fraction of the cost

Get The Reading Tutor Program - Download a copy today - $39.99
Or get a printed copy mailed to your home for $45.99 (shipping included)
Easy To Read Sight Word Stories - Downloadable - $9.99 or Printed - $!2.99 
Reading Tutor Program is a step by step guide
to teach or tutor the three basic reading skills:
#1    Sight Words
#2    Phonics
#3    Comprehension
developing reading skills
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Learning To Read Requires
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Building Good Readers
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